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This Business started in the fall of 2010 By Danica and Micheil. Danica is from Brighton, Iowa and was studying photography at Indian Hills Community College. She always seemed to have a camera in her hand. Micheil is from Mt. Pleasant Iowa and has always been a fan of the races. So they decided hey why not start taking pictures from the stands at 34 Raceway in Burlington, Iowa. They attended that track almost every week, and that’s when it all began. Now they travel Iowa and take as many pictures as they can get at the race tracks! In 2012 they went to CJ Speedway to take practice photos, Danica's cousin races there, and they instantly felt at home there. They started going to CJ weekly and then starting selling pictures, magnets and anything a customer would like them to make(from key chains to posters)! We are now
track photographers at Lee County Speedway


Lee County Speedway 8/22

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lee county 6/28

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QCS 6/30

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Lee County Feature Win Posters

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QCS 6/2

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LCS 6/7/13

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Singles and Edits

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Lee County 5/24

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Lee county 5/17

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QCS 5-19

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QCS 5/12

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QCS 5/5

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QCS 4/28

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Lee County 4/27

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QSC 4/21

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CJ 2012 Feature Wins

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Dale Wedding

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Stauffer Family

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34 Raceway 4/13/12

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Lee County Speedway 4/5/13

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34 Raceway 2013

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Lee County Speedway 2013

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Car Shows 2013

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Battle at the Barn 2013

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